My First Blog Post!

My First Blog Post!

I have been ummming and arring for so long and I have decided its time I write a blog. I am not sure what I will write in it to be honest but hey ho, these things often seem a good idea at 11pm at night on a weeknight when you really should be in bed like most other 'normal' people. 

But I am not normal. I run a business with my husband and this poses its own issues. How many of you could honestly run a business with your OH. Its like the ultimate relationship nightmare at times, but of course it is also wonderful when we reach the same common goal in the business and then we celebrate together. And there is nothing like celebrating with your best friend!

So who are Manta Makes? My name is Samantha and my husband is Paul, but for the purpose of this blog - I am Mrs MM and my husband is Mr MM and then we have a great team, of four dedicated people who without, we would not be where we are today. Mr and Mrs MM have three children, T, C and Baby G. You will hear about these children a lot, I am sure! 

We started this journey in August 2015 and now as we sit at February 2018  and approaching our third birthday I can honestly say its been quite a journey. I hope to cover that in my next posts. But for now I will leave you with my final thought. 

Why is everyone worried about the snow? Its like one snowflake falls and people are talking about getting in supplies - England comes to a standstill because we don't invest in support for when it does snow. Today, I saw one family buying three shovels?! Really? What are they expecting, that not one shovel will be enough?!


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Samantha Riley

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