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Daily Positive Affirmations Cards


Key Features of our Affirmation Flipbook

  • Size: 14.5cm/5.7Inches x 10.5cm/4.1Inches
  • Materials: Made from 300GSM Paper stock
  • Not able to be personalised, all colours and text are set.
  • Price is per affirmation flip book

Positive affirmations to guide anyone to fulfil a happy life. Manifest thoughts of positivity, mindfulness and uplifting sentiments for a mindful life.

Change your mindset by speaking these affirmations to help you move forward and grow positively. By reading each statement out loud as you discover it, you will speak to your inner self and want to bring happiness and good fortune into your life.

With positive thoughts we bring about our own destiny and they help us make the days count. A positive mind can help with mental health, reminding us of how great we are. Whether its for you or someone special in your life, each statement will have relevance in anyone's journey.

If you currently journal, these inspirational statements will support your wish to practice mindfulness and support your feelings of gratitude. Suitable for: Friends, Mum, Sister, Office Colleagues Whether you are buying for women or men - the positive quotes are suitable for all to relate to. Gift with a book about the law of attraction, Mindfulness gifts, new year calendars and affirmation gifts. Useful in the office or home.

* Product features - Over 60 affirmations to bring positive thoughts - Positive statements to encourage good health, love, wealth, and encouragement. Read each quote aloud and remind yourself of how wonderful you are. These positive statements will help to change your mindset and replace any negative self talk with kind, uplifting words

* Further features - Freestanding desktop style piece which you can put on your desk at work, on a dressing table, bedside table or mantlepiece. Subconsciously, whether you change the statement each day, or each week, the intention from the quote will flow through you making you brave, strong and able to overcome your obstacles.

* Gifting ideas - Perfect for a inspirational gifting to a friend, family member or work colleague. Could be a 'just because gift' a 'birthday gift,' secret Santa present, Christmas gift or congratulations gift.

* Letterbox gift with purpose - a great alternative to affirmation postcards or an affirmation calendar. This flip desktop affirmation reminder will bring courage to those who receive it.

* The perfect gift - Ideal to buy for yourself or a friend, colleague, family member or partner. Manta Makes produce products which bring a little sunshine to the receivers day.