Groom's Survival Kit Tags - 01WG

The groom needs gifts just as much as you do - so how about making a gift box with all those special presents in for the wedding day!
There are a choice of tags - all are made from oak finished wood - and engraved with crisp modern text.
The full set contains -
WATCH - So you are not late!
STRING - Because we are tying the knot!
SOCKS -  So you don't get cold feet!
TISSUES - To wipe away your tears when you see me!
MINTS - For a fresh first kiss
BOXERS - So everybody knows you are mine!
CHOCOLATE - Something sweet until you see me!
ALCOHOL - To calm your nerves!

These tags are strung with jute twine so ready to attach to your items. They measure 3cm by 6cm so a good size for adding to your gifts.

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