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Table Decor Puzzle Thank You For Completing Our Puzzle



  • Size: 4.2x4cm 1.7x1.6inches
  • Material: Oak
  • Date is customisable.
  • Option of holes or no holes
  • “Thank you for completing our puzzle” is set text.
  • Price will vary depending on quantity chosen

Puzzles, and puzzle pieces, are often used to symbolize the intricate and often convoluted paths our lives take. Finding true love is like putting that last puzzle piece into place. It is simply satisfying.

If you are looking to throw a wedding with a childhood game theme, or just want to celebrate your achievement for solving the riddle of love, these puzzle piece wedding favours are perfect for you.

These puzzle decorations are available in quantities of 1 sample, 25, 50, 100, 150, 200 or 300.

Each wood puzzle piece measures approximately 4.2 x 4 cm. (1.7 inches by 1.6 inches)
Please let us know the following information for your order:
Date of wedding