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In Loving Memory - Funeral Tags



  • Size: 5x5cm 1.9x1.9inches
  • Material: Oak
  • Message, Name & Dates customisable.
  • Option of holes or no holes
  • No set text
  • Price will vary depending on quantity chosen

Wooden heart tags - personalised memorial and funeral favour tags for a meaningful celebration of life

Create a heartfelt and memorable tribute with our wooden heart tags. These customisable tags are perfect for honouring the memory of a loved one during a celebration of life, memorial service, or funeral. With the option to add personalisation, these wooden tags can serve as favour tags, keepsakes, or gift tags to provide comfort and remembrance during difficult times.


Thoughtful Design: Each wooden tag is meticulously crafted in the shape of a heart, symbolising love, compassion, and cherished memories. The timeless design of these tags allows them to be displayed or kept as mementos, serving as a lasting reminder of a special person.

Personalised Touch:

Add a personalised touch to these wooden heart tags by including names, dates, or any other meaningful text. Whether you want to commemorate a loved one's name, share a heartfelt message, or include a phrase like "In Loving Memory," these tags can be customised to reflect your unique sentiment.

Versatile Use:

These wooden heart tags can serve multiple purposes during a celebration of life or funeral service. Attach them to funeral favours, memorial candles, or use them as thoughtful gift tags. They can also be hung as decorations or placed in memory boxes as keepsakes for family and friends.

Premium Quality:

Crafted from high-quality wood, these heart tags are sturdy and built to last. The smooth surface allows for easy customisation using a permanent marker or paint pen. The natural wood grain adds warmth and elegance to the overall look.

Optional Holes:

Choose between heart tags with or without pre-drilled holes, depending on your preference. The holes offer flexibility for attaching ribbons, strings, or cords to hang the tags, creating a beautiful display or incorporating them into various memorial items.
Comforting Remembrance: These wooden heart tags provide a tangible symbol of remembrance and can bring comfort during times of grief and loss. Sharing them with friends, family, or attendees of a memorial service allows everyone to feel connected and cherish the memory of your loved one.

Honour the life and memory of a special person with our wooden heart tags. These personalised memorial and funeral favour tags provide solace, remembrance, and a heartfelt tribute to their life. Order now and let these tags serve as a beautiful and meaningful keepsake for all who attend the celebration of life.