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Zodiac Notebook - 12 Designs Available



  • Size: A5 
  • Material: Cardstock, with 30 pages
  • Not able to be personalised, all colours and text are set.
  • Price is per notebook

Introducing the Celestial Zodiac A5 Notebook - Unveiling Your Stellar Self!

Are you ready to embark on a cosmic journey to discover your true celestial essence? Look no further! The Celestial Zodiac A5 Notebook is here to accompany you on this enchanting adventure.

Unlock the secrets of the cosmos with our exquisite Zodiac Notebook - a harmonious blend of an Astrology Journal and a stylish softcover journal. Embrace your cosmic journey as you pen down your celestial insights in this enchanting Zodiac Notebook, designed to inspire your stargazing adventures. With its elegant Spiral Notebook format, this is the perfect Astrology Gift  Each book is adorned with a captivating Zodiac Sign illustration, making it a meaningful Zodiac Gift for anyone drawn to the celestial wonders. Whether you're seeking personal growth or seeking the perfect Gifts for Her, this Zodiac Notebook transcends the ordinary, taking your journaling experience to celestial heights.

Product Features:

Premium Soft Cardboard Cover: Crafted with love, our A5 notebook boasts a luxurious soft cardboard cover, ensuring a delightful tactile experience every time you touch it. Its durability guarantees your celestial secrets are safeguarded with care.

Choice of Plain or Lined Paper: Tailor your cosmic journaling experience to your liking! This versatile notebook offers two options - plain paper for the free-spirited dreamers and lined paper for the organized cosmic wanderers.

12 Unique Star Sign Illustrations: Unleash the magic of the zodiac with our awe-inspiring star sign illustrations. Each notebook comes with a captivating illustration showcasing one of the twelve zodiac signs, capturing the essence of their celestial dance.

Key Characteristics Captions: Delve into the captivating world of astrology and discover the defining traits of each zodiac sign. Every illustration is accompanied by a beautifully written caption that reveals the key characteristics of the featured star sign.

Versatility and Beauty Combined:

This zodiac notebook is more than just an ordinary journal; it's a gateway to self-discovery and cosmic enlightenment. Whether you're an astrology enthusiast, an aspiring stargazer, or simply looking for a meaningful gift, the Celestial Zodiac A5 Notebook is the perfect companion for your journey.